Monday, October 11, 2004

the ballad of old 19/23

Hey, all. Many of you may know me.
Martin Edwards here. In my former life in JC I was "Marty. " Worked with blog host Brook Hines and her partner John on the news and entertainment (somewhat) weekly, known variably as "The Beat" and "The Weekly Beat."
The only thing I miss about the "Tri Cities" and Johnson City in particular is the small group of friends that scattered sometime around 1997 or '98. No idea where many of those folks are now, but a web search for a couple brought me here. So if you knew me, give ol' Big Marty a shout-out.
No, no one in Tennessee ever called me Big Marty. But I always wished they would.
Brook posted the story about that there triangle over Bristol. Very interesting, naturally. In response I'll post my own paranormal freaky stuff, with the hopes that someone may know some more about it. A special heads-up to those that work or have worked in the hospitals in the area, esp. at Johnson City Medical Center or Sycamore Shoals. Dig it.


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