Tuesday, October 05, 2004

the REAL presidential debate

in what might be an October Surprise for the dems (bout damn time), Vanity Fair is breaking a story that Cheney broke the law on 911 by issueing orders to shoot down planes. also Rumsfeld said today that he "misunderstood" the al Quada [slash] Saddam Hussein connection. and Bremer is openly questioning the adequecy of troops in Iraq. the shit is hitting the fan and the people in the line of fire are running like vampires from sunrise.

we "all know" who wears the pants and in the Bush White House. come on. we knooooow. SNL spoofed the prezel/black eye incident as case of domestic abuse perpetrated by Cheney in a wife-beater. which is exactly what i said happened. if not cheney, ken lay. if not ken lay, karl rove. if not karl rove... blah blah blah

we want to see this debate because Cheney is The Real President. He is Halliburton. He IS the fucking war. You want to know about the war? You want to know about outing a CIA operative to threaten the press and anyone who wants the truth? You want to know what could possibly persuade Colin Powell to LIE in front of the UNITED NATIONS? You want an explanation for the last few years of horrifyingly belligerent behavior from Bush?

ask Cheney.


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