Friday, November 05, 2004

Bloggers launch Ohio recount

According to my copy of the Constitution, it ain't over until the Electoral College Lady sings. What if Kerry actually wins the Electoral College, and she sings "No Surrender"?

It could happen, if Kerry is certified the winner in Ohio or Florida after all of the votes are officially counted.

The blogosphere is conducting a "virtual recount," looking for errors and fraud. And using the "Rathergate" analogy, the blogosphere has found the first "superscript" in Franklin County, taking a nice bite out of Bush's "lead."

Bush Lead Change
136,483 Election night

-3,893 Franklin County computer error

Ohio has (I believe) 155,337 provisional ballots that will be counted by November 12, as required by law. I suspect they will favor Kerry significantly, taking a big bite out of Bush's "lead."

A statewide manual recount is mandatory if the margin of victory falls below 0.25% * 5,481,756  = 13,704

If the blogosphere discovers enough errors - or fraud - a manual recount is definitely within reach.

As "Rathergate" proved, it would be a big mistake to "misunderestimate" the blogosphere. Let's find the recount equivalent of "superscripts," "proportional space fonts," and other anomalies - and put John Kerry in the White House!

Join the investigations here:


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