Friday, November 12, 2004

I haven't been this happy since about 4pm election day

I don't know if any of you guys are watching this recount business on the news. i hate tv news, but keith olbermann and chris matthews have picked up the story and faux news is starting to freak out. check out what idiot-boy john gibson said:
Most of the world figured America had the monkey off its back... we had a presidential election and there was a clear winner.George W. Bush was the winner. Even John Kerry admitted it.
Two of my colleague news anchors on other networks (Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, not to mention Peter Jennings) actually gave this non-story cable network coverage. It is unconscionable.
Then some Marine colonel will lead his men into the next Fallujah and find the damn book in a jihadi terrorist decapitation dungeon — inspirational reading before sawing off someone's head.

This is how stupid ideas get people killed.

That's My Word.,3566,13...

fox news is actually accusing the blogosphere of killing marines! i fucking love it!

do you know what this means?

wait, there's more:

new york republican congresswoman Susan Molinari was on Hardball tonite talking about how someone needed to hold the bloggers responsible for what they write b/c this stolen election story won't die. it just gets bigger. her body language was so tight, like a B-movie character actor who is doing a scene that requires them to respond to being caught after having thought they got away with murder.

finally the internet is fulfilling its promise of delivering the voice of the people. i feel like i'm in Horton Hears a Who -- "we're here! we're here!"


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