Friday, November 12, 2004

Life under Bush will be nasty, brutish and short

I owe so much to Joe Corso in terms of being able to take the world in. This is one of my favorite days ever in a Joe class. I remember him trying to get us to hear what is going on in this passage. As if it needs any amplification:

Religion with a capital R and Belief with a capital B in what priests tell you are a terrible things. The promise of Eternal Paradise in Heaven, if believed, upsets the rational calculus by which a man scared of violent death and desirous of commodious living signs the Social Contract and bends his neck to the Sovereign Leviathan. Thus religious fanaticism--in Hobbes's case the Roundheads who shot out the stained-glass windows of Canterbury Cathedral for target practice, or the followers of Archbishop Laud who were willing to kill to move the communion table up to the back of the church--breeds large-scale death and destruction.

Hobbes -- I hated how he spoke the truth.


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