Saturday, November 06, 2004

Systemic Harrassment of Voters by Republicans in Toldedo

Witnesses report harrasment of voters by Republican "challengers."

At 7:05pm, 25 minutes before polls closed in Toledo, Ohio, white, Republican challengers were witnessed harrassing voters at the Mott Library Central City polling station, a low-income African-American community. Observers said that they believed these challengers had been repeatedly calling the police producing obsurd stories in order to intimidate voters. One of the Republican challengers was recongnized as Dennis Lange, a prominant white business owner who owns Pumpernickels. Mr. Lange aggressively tried to push back African-American community members who were poll-watching and voting at the site. At one point more than four police officers, including undercover officers, were witnessed at the site for no reason. City council member Michael Ashley and journalist Michael Hayes came to the site to speak with community members.

by Mobilization for Democracy not Disenfranchisement
Email: mediatoledo (at) (unverified!)
Phone: 419-902-2909
03 Nov 2004
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