Wednesday, November 03, 2004

They stole it AGAIN.

Today we ask, "What Happened?" Everyone from Tony Blair to OPEC was predicting a Kerry win. Oil prices fell. Exit polls indicated a big Kerry win (Max Cleland!). John tells me that in other countries, exit polls are used to send a red flag -- if the official results do not fall in line, an examination is called for to find out why. Venezulea had to do a recount for their recent squeaker. Thank god they had paper receipts from THEIR electronic voting machines. Maybe one day our fair and benevolent King George will favor us with such magnificent machinery.

You do know they stole this again, don't you. You don't even have to think Diebold was in play to see this was a snatch. Look at the long lines. Listen to what are people say about how they traded their real vote for one of those provisional ballots. This was everywhere -- not just in Ohio. And what about all the early voting and absentee voting -- how do you know all that has been counted (and counted correctly)?

This election was stolen OPENLY and we all watched and no one said anything. They did it buy CONTAMINATING THE SAMPLE of the vote by putting the anti-gay initiative on the ballot in almost a dozen states. This means that the extra-chromosome crowd was CALLED BY GOD to vote. You couldn't get away with that kind of SPOILING in a rinky-dink focus group for a bank or a healthcare company. If you devised a survey (especially a survey with action items) with such a skewed sample, you would be right back on fax machine and mailing list duty.

It's a classic Rove tactic and it's been on the books -- we've known about it and no one was talking about it during the whole campaign. As if it were part of the laugh track. That's so 90s. That's so culture war and Bill Clinton to talk about Gay Marriage.

They stole it again and anyone at any minute could throw the first fist of sand in their beady little eye. We all have the right to a fair election. We have the right to ask for one. We have the right to question one. We have the right to demand PROOF. We have a right to deliberation and fair reporting. We have a right to get up in everyone's face -- everyone you see -- and say the truth. Spread the word. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and if you've been waiting for a time to get involved, now would be good.

Let it sink in. They stole it AGAIN.


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