Thursday, November 04, 2004

Want some cheese with your whine?

I think it's time to call democrats/liberals by a new name, "the whiney bunch"..... Not all democrats/liberals are like this, but some of you people whine too think because some of you think this way the whole nation thinks like you....well, the elections have proven you matter how you try to spin this around and try once more to say the elections were's just your liberal mind not accepting your defeat, and bringing back as defense all this crap of "the elections must have been rigged..." Give it up and accept your lost... Why is it that every time Republicans win it is democrats/liberals who yell and bash away that the elections must be rigged, yet when Democrats have won in the past Republicans don't whine.....nor start yelling "the elections must have been rigged..." Stop whining so much...


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