Wednesday, November 17, 2004

welcome to BUSHWORLD - Macomb teens end pregnancy with beating

RICHMOND TOWNSHIP -- Investigators said a pregnant 16-year-old girl allowed her boyfriend to beat her with a miniature baseball bat to cause a miscarriage, which may lead to criminal charges against the teens and one of their parents.

The girl estimated she was four months pregnant, said Macomb County Prosecutor-elect Eric Smith. Police said the boy's mother helped transport the fetus to her home and bury it in the backyard.

Smith said the beatings were "done over a period of three weeks. It was done in an effort to terminate the pregnancy."


In Michigan a teenager under 18 needs parental approval for an abortion. Guess desperate teens will do anything to "abort" if they have to. I guess abortion foes prefer this?

and Bush won fair and square -- so no need to get your back up. he'll install 3 supreme court judges, so we might as well just give up.


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