Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bush press conference -- THE UNTOLD STORY

Bush has always had a whiff unhinged-ness about him, but lately he's just acting plain weird. As if he's bored. Going thru the motions. We've been surprised that he's held so many press conference -- I would assert that his attitude is that, "what the hell -- I can get up in front of you people and say whatever I want and you can't do anything about it. Na na-na na na-na.

And it really bugs me that the press ignores this dimension of covering the White House. It's not editorializing to give the audience eyes so they may see.

Just reading the text of Bush's press conferences you'd notice he's not right in the head. Watching him participate in a press conference, it's painful how daffy he is. How can anyone ignore the Dr. Suess-y meter he puts on the text his speechwriter hands him -- as if the only way he can "dissect" it is to sound-it-out and read it like a childrens' story. It's truly found art:

Terrorists in that

have declared war against

and thereby declared war
against the Iraqi people

Yet the elections will go forward. (repeat to next verse)
Yet the elections will go forward.
Yet the elections will go forward.
Yet the elections will go forward.

Millions of Iraqi voters will show their bravery,
their love of country
and their desire to live in

Across the world,
freedom has deadly

Yet across the world
freedom has great and growing

And there have been enormous sacrifices
made by some of our citizens
in the spread of

Yet the elections will go forward. (repeat to next verse)
Yet the elections will go forward.
Yet the elections will go forward.
Yet the elections will go forward.

This isn't a press conference -- it's interpretive dance.
It has no...

And what of all those graduates of expensive East Coast journalism schools -- the Press Corps. What pussies they are sitting there with Bush insinuating he can run background checks on them, and bribe them -- how come they still write about him like he's the greatest thing since ball point pens. He's got them all bought off -- he has to. Even so, how much is your dignity worth (it's only your dignity, suck it).

There's so much subtext in his *live* appearances. Did you know he had another moment of "let me finish," when no one was interrupting him. I'd like to see a close-up of the back of Cheney-suit. He can't string together a sentence to save his life, and when he's not yammering or floundering he's spouting off about "I firmly planted the flag of Democracy." That worries me. It sounds like a little boy who has finally cleaned his plate. "Look Mommy, I firmly planted the peas of Democracy in my belly." Yummy.

When asked (for the umpteen millionth time) if he were willing to admits "mistakes" (like lying) in the run-up to the war, he lamely tries to change the subject to "Dr. Rice," until he is brusquely pressed by the reporter: "No reaction to the lying?"
BUSH: "is that your question?"

As if the reporter is going back down.

REPORTER: nod yet
BUSH: "The answer is no. Next question."

Bee-oach! I'd expect better manners from any of my narcissistic, immature ex-bosses. The key to being a *successful* ego-maniac is to conceal your contempt for your bottoms. Not so for the boy prez. He lets it all hang out.

I find that so jarring. Like the part in the Matrix where a rip appears in the illusion of reality and we all realize we are all really naked, packed in Jello and being sucked on by some giant space crab. Is there anyone left who hasn't "turned" yet? Is there anyone left who is not a Smith Clone?


Blogger elizabeth said...

I dig the nod to Bill Hicks! It's only yer dignity, suck it! Yeahhhhhh!

Sunday, January 30, 2005 4:37:00 PM  

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