Friday, February 11, 2005

Bush balences budget number of screwed people with number of rich getting $19,000 refunds

Bush’s new budget finds an equal number of rich people to reward, and poor people to screw!

Bush’s budget cuts about 300,000 working families with kids off food stamps, and cuts child care to about 300,000 poor families. At the same time, the Bush budget finds the same number of rich people to give an average new tax cut of $19,000!

The Bush rolls back a tax provision that his dad put in place – 97% of people who will benefit from the change make over 200,000 dollars. Over half are millionaires. Their average benefit from the change will be about $19,000 per family.

Paul Krugman points out, “It costs a lot more to give a millionaire a break than to put food on a low-income family's table: eliminating limits on deductions and exemptions would give taxpayers with incomes over one million an average tax cut of more than nineteen thousand dollars.”

The Administration wants you to think that the budget cuts will help slash the deficit. In reality, Bush is slashing aid to American families who need it most.


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