Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Country Bracing For Draft The Lone Star Iconoclast Online

CRAWFORD — The United States has not had a military draft since 1973, but fears are growing throughout the country that there might soon be a return to the Selective Service.
Students are beginning to take the looming threat seriously as they consider ways of making themselves “draft resistant” as they gear up for conscientious objector status, establishing advance proof that they will qualify.
Lawmakers are scrutinizing the military commitments of the United States. If the numbers fall short, a military draft could quickly follow.
According to Sen. Joseph Biden, (D-Del.) “Our ability to have any flexibility with ground forces anywhere else is diminished. If we had to move into Iran, Syria, North Korea, or anywhere else, we’d be in real difficulty.”
He added, “We have absolutely spent, exhausted, and in some instances misled the National Guard and the reserves. I’ve been in Baghdad and Fallujah and I’ve spoken with them. When they enlisted in the Guard, they never anticipated being sent for two tours of duty in Iraq lasting a year or 18 months. We can’t keep asking citizen soldiers to do that.”
A draft, if enacted, could be up and running quickly, thanks to former President Jimmy Carter who in 1980 put into place a program requiring young men to register with the government when they turn 18."


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