Thursday, February 17, 2005

DAMN RIGHT you can't sniff my bookbag. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! "Student's defiance leads to suspension" -- CHICAGO

A claim that her civil rights were being violated got Pleasant Valley High School junior Meghann Trott suspended for three days.

A drug-sniffing dog visited the school for a random drug check Tuesday afternoon and Trott refused to leave her belongings in Dan Beadle's sixth-period science class. She claimed it violated her civil rights to be subjected to random searches.

According to Ginger Picchi, assistant principal, the dogs are provided by an outside service and have been used at both Pleasant Valley and Chico high schools since the beginning of the 2004-05 school year.

The decision to use Interquest Detection Canines at the high schools was approved by the Chico Unified School District's board of trustees in August 2004.

Picchi explained that the school conducted assemblies in the fall to inform the students about the process.

'This is the first student who has refused,' said Picchi, and she had not heard complaints from any others. 'Students have been very receptive.'"

(we can't understand it -- up until now the sheep willing lead themselves to slaughter. we figure we better get rid of her. she will spoil the rest with her uppity-ness! YOU GO GIRL!)


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