Friday, February 11, 2005


It's a fact of life that people acquire fetishes for all sorts of odd, common-place things. Like, shaved heads, for instance.

It has been asserted that Gannon's fabulous cue ball wound up in the White House Press Corps because of his affiliation with gay military fetish and bald fetish escort services. The theory goes that his client list might include some embarrassing names. Or maybe, that Bush just feels better when there are bald heads around.f

They say that fetishes emerge in early adolescence and the need to feed the fetish thru life indicates a kink in development -- that the individual needs to travel back to this PERFECT place to be calm and happy.

We know Bush had some major issues with growing in Poppy's household, and has throughout his life had trouble taking responsibility and being a GROWN-up. Given this, I think the GAY MILITARY SHAVED HEAD FETISH fits right in. Maybe he HAD to start a war to feed his sexual needs. Maybe he had no control of himself. Maybe he regrets being such a pussy when he was in the national gaurd and skipped the war. Who knows, but i'm betting dimes to dollars that the Bush gets woody when he rubs the fuzzy nubs.


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