Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What you need to know to work for Talon News

This is an outline of a DVD Movie available for purchase through the "school" (not it's real definition) of "journalism" that "Jeff Gannon" (not his real name) attended (paid $50 to).

You know, if you can't actually attentend classes, you can purchase this DVD and learn all you need to know. There's trailers and a full PDF too!

The Leadership Institute's Resources: Roots of the Ultra Left Script: "Roots of the Ultra Left Script
Browse the Script By Topic


Section One:
What Socialists Really Think About Economics

Profit Comes From Evil Greed

Socialists must get all your property

Tax all income at 100%

Support big government. No new tax cuts.

Only government creates wealth

Bureaucrats spend your money better than you do

To elect more socialists, destroy the economy

Government jobs good; private employers bad

'Something for nothing' fools almost everyone

Why work when you can loot those who do?

Socialism has never been tried

Section Two:
What Socialists Really Think About Your Family And Our American Culture

Traditional morality is always bad

Do what feels good now. Make taxpayers pay the bill

Break all family ties

Make God illegal

Masculine is bad; feminine is also bad

Kill it. Why give your baby to a moral couple?

Section Three:
What Socialists Really Think About Liberty

Solve all problems. Give the Left all power.

Stamp out liberty. It's unfair.

Everything not compulsory must be prohibited

Re-write history or stop teaching it

Keep campuses conservative-free zones

In the media, any conservatives are too many

No free speech for conservatives

Only groups have rights

Give up your guns. We want you defenseless.

Pay the union boss or we'll crack your skull

Save the environment. Kill off all the people.

Destroy all non-government education

Teachers unions -- more important than teaching kids

When judges give us what we want, forget the laws and the Constitution

Section Four:
What Socialists Really Think About The Future Of America In The World.

America causes all world problems

Eliminate patriotism

Bring on world government

Next time, Marxist-Leninists will get it right"



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