Sunday, March 06, 2005

follow-up to CHRISTIAN DOCTOR nightmare

folks are writing, urging me to bring these guys up on civil or licensing malpractice. aside from the fact that this was years ago -- i wanted to show everyone that i did pursue lisencing action. here's the response:

and just for kicks, here's a sample of the letters to the editor regarding the story:

Back to the reason why I'm posting this. The Reich Wing has taken their war to the exam room and drug store. This is only going to impact women most at risk for harm either by being denied birth control pills, withholding important information -- like the IS a MORNING AFTER pill and you have a right to access to it! this is especially important to know in case you've been raped. if you go to the hospital and you aren't offered emergency birth control measures -- raise holy immoratal hell. You have a right to it. Get you family in on the action. Having someone else on your side when you are in the hospital can be a BIG help. You can scream all day in pain and they won't do shit. You get your pissed-off husband on the cell-phone on his way down there, and you get action. True story -- another time.

This thing that I wrote and stuck up here -- this is a call to action. my experience in 94 wasn't isolated. This is a movement. There is a Christian Fascist Movement in this country that thrives in places like Johnson City. It's adherents are businessmen. School board members. Students who put red stars on too-liberal professor's doors. They have a 50+year history of using 12-Step programming, direct mail, disciplship programs and prayer events as their means of "tapping" and fundraising. Normal people who don't attend prayer breakfasts or discipleship programs probably wouldn't have any idea these people exist.

Until you ask one to fill your prescription.
Or see one in the ER when you've been raped.

for an exhaustive history of this movement see:


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