Tuesday, March 08, 2005

how close are YOU to BANKRUPTCY?

Two years ago I contracted a infection in my spine and spent four months in the hospital. The illness resulted in chronic pain in my back and hips, so I keep current on pain issues on message boards and forums. Here's a common theme:

My husband had his insurance policy "converted" after his work injury. Last year, they wanted $800.00 a month premium. We had to take a $7000.00 deductible to make a $329.48 premium each month. We got a letter last week -- they raised his premium to $2,119,90 per month!

Most bankruptcies result from a major illness. Next most common is the loss of a job; then divorce. We have been led to believe people are gaming the system and that's why we need to tighten the grip. People DO game the system, but they aren't the sick, the unemployed or the divorced. It's The Rich. THE RICH can shelter millions in asset protection accounts and real estate in Florida (or Texas, hmmm).

You'd think that bankruptcy "reform" would address the only way people actually do game the system. Charles Shumer thought so, and proposed to close the millionaire's loophole. With a middle finger pointed in our direction, Republicans and two DINOs rejected the amendment. Senator Kennedy wanted to protect people with medical debt. The Republicans voted that down too. Feingold asked that The Elderly be allowed to keep their homes if everything else is lost. Republicans said, "kick the bums out." Dick Durbin had the audacity to request protection for VETERANS RETURNING FROM WAR -- but again, the Republicans say "tough luck Soldier."

Healthcare and credit companies have declared war on the Middle Class and Congress has reported for duty to engage the enemy -- US.

In a consumer-driven society, what sense does it make to eliminate the consumers? Let the anger wash over you. Breathe into in. Become one with your ourtrage. We've worked hard and played by the rules, and this is what we get. Like the woman from my chronic pain group, just when we need it most, The System is going to screw you, and quicker than you can say coronary bypass, you will be homeless.

Maybe this doesn't bother most people because "no one thinks" they are going to get sick. "No one thinks" they are going to lose their job. And nobody plans to ever need to declare bankruptcy. So, none of this applies to you.

There IS a BRIGHT side. The folks most exposed to the potential of bankruptcy -- suburb-dwellers with oversize houses, oversize interest-free ARMs, and big ass SUVs are going to have the last laugh -- because when the bottom falls out, we are all going to wish we had a car the size of a living room parked down by the railroad tracks with the rest of the Ownership Society.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey. Are you quoting or is the whole description about your experience?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005 5:56:00 PM  
Blogger Brook said...

sorry bout that -- forgot the quote tags...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005 7:07:00 PM  

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