Thursday, April 28, 2005

Fuck JC

"Forreal," Julie. Frist is nothing if not another opportunistic neocon with eyes lasered at the White House. I accidentally shook his hand in Elizabethton in the early 90s when he (and his faggy little campaign entourage) came into the office supply store I was working in (I still feel dirty).

The growth in this town seems to consist of payday loan sharks, mini-storage and cell phone stores on every corner. If I had the foresight to know that kids would be buying water and spending tons of disposable income on fucking flapping their lips 24/7 I would have already cashed out. Johnson City offers nothing anymore: no good book stores, no midnight movies, no deviance. Hell, they even bulldozed the whores and crackheads under downtown. Chain stores---my God, the chain stores. Some people think they've died and gone to consumer Heaven now that Kohl's has opened. Words elude me.


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