Friday, April 01, 2005

huge disaPOPEment: he's finally ready to die? isn't that his job?

i mean -- isn't that the job of all religions -- to prepare the flock to meet to meet God? is the soul not immortal?

was he UNTIL NOW insuffciently ready to confront the Truth? has he UNTIL NOW been anxious about the fate of his spirit? is there some reason he would be antsy about meeting God?

disclaimer: i'm catholic by culture and go to Home Depot on Sunday. i would love it if the church were more relevant. it just isn't.

i've been embarrassed thru the whole pope deathwatch. as soon as he got sick he needed to issue a statement about the frailty of life and the eternity of the soul. he could have shown compassion for human suffering. he could have used his political capital to encourage better healthcare for the sick. he did none of this. he's been ineffective in his job.

more inspiration has come out of hollywood than the vatican in modern times. if the church is so concerned about a culture of life, they should be offering an alternative. the pope has been in a vegetative state for YEARS; drooling while his churches become havens for child molesters. he's been a scared little man hanging on to life's last rattle as if that's all there is. finally, he is ready to die? it's about damn time!

there has been precious little wisdom, compassion, inspiration, or spirit to come from his leadership. i'm glad he's ready now. i wish he would have set a better example.


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