Monday, May 16, 2005

The day journalism DIED

Is today the exact day journalism died?

I think it is.

It's been gasping for air, but today it straight-lined.

I knew it was going to be a bad day for it when I woke up to the news that Newsweek was "apologizing" for their reporting on the desecration of the Koran by Americans detaining at Gitmo. They were in fact "questioning a source," rather than "retracting" the story. There a difference. And the story has many sources. It's actually an OLD story if you keep up with war news.

So, effectively, Newsweek is backing off the story because Newsweek thinks THEIR MAGAZINE is to blame for riots that lead to the death of 15 people so far.

I didn't know Newsweek is widely read in Afghanistan. Whaddya know. Learn something new everyday.

I call bullshit and I'm pretty certain I won't have to chug this beer -- this WHOLE STORY is a fucking lie.

What Newsweek is doing is every journalist's worst nightmare: being hung out to dry by your organization. It can happen for all sorts of reasons, but in this case it's the most COWARDLY and DISPICABLE reason: to placate the White House.

Today Newsweek let the world know that no one has our back. No one is on the side of TRUTH as long as the TRUTH gets in the way of the White House. The riots that happened this weekend, don't you think they are more likely the result of the GESALT of bombing the hell out of their country and not picking up the addition to everything else, INCLUDING our cultural bullying. Flushing the Koran is might be necessary to cause this violence, but it's not sufficient. We don't know what caused those riots. This is madness.

Newsweek just sacrificed a reporter as if to send a message to anyone with any information, "Watch out or Georgie's Boyz will have your head."

But here's the thing: anyone can prove the veracity of this story by checking RAWSTORY right now.
[b]Newsweek report on Quran matches many earlier account[/b]

They have, oh it looks like a half-dozen citations of this in stories that date back as far as a couple years.

As I was learning more about this story I hear on the radio that "the White House is DEMANDING a retraction from Newsweek." Now this is REALLY stupid. They already had their way. They got the apology. Fear has been instilled in anyone risking their life to report the truth. Now they demand genuflection! Now an apology isn't enough -- make it DISAPPEAR.

Today journalism died regardless of where Newsweek takes it from here. Not that we had much hope for it, but when a publication apologizes for printing the truth (and a widespread truth at that), we've gone beyond the point of no return.

More puzzling why Rummy and his minions would even care about this story. Since when do we give a hoot about the Koran? or anyone's cultural sensitivities. What are you? GIRLYMEN? Angry dogs -- okay; holding citizen without representation -- not a problem; without the backing of INTERNATIONAL LAW? -- who cares; oopsie, some suffocated under "interrogation" -- they were probably guilty anyway.

Since when do these assholes give a shit about THE KORAN.

Bush thinks he's on a personal mission from GOD, and not that one. His followers would desecrate all over the Koran if it came down from Colorado Springs that it's God's will. They've already desecrated the Constitution. They would like to make it "disappear too." And freedom of speech is where they've started.

I thought freedom was on the march? I thought we were bringing DEMOCRACY to the ancient world. Isn't freedom of speech a cornerstone of democracy? What when our titans of that freedom (Newsweek) roll over for Rove? What then?

I'll tell you what -- all those "trend pieces" on the ruffian Bloggers -- better get acquainted, because we aren't going away.


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