Thursday, May 12, 2005

Democratic Underground Forums - East Waynesville thanks DU

(here's a little follow-up to the East Waynesville Baptist Church controversy. The pastor has moved-on and these guys have their church back... but i thought it was insightful what "libnnc" had to say about the mountain folk -- brook)

A note of personal thanks to all DUers from *libnnc*

"There's an interesting point of view among mountain folks, (especially older mountain people) that comes from a fierce independence and stubborn resolve. That point of view is complete personal autonomy in regards to religion and especially politics. This is something that runs very deeply. You don't know how your actions here have helped these people in this church remain independent. They may be more socially conservative than we are, but make no mistake, they exist by the credo 'Live and let live'. "


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