Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Democratic Underground post - I've come to the conclusion that the Freepers/Zell Miller are right...

(by Modem Butterfly -- great post!)

The fact is that we aren't a national party anymore. We don't represent the national interest, instead, all we do is complain and whine and prevent the Repugs from enacting laws that help people. For example, look at the way that we tried to stop the Bankruptcy Reform Act, which protected the jobs of hundreds of thousands of Americans in the credit, collections, and reposession industries (repo men have to eat). And just look at the fuss we've kicked up over relaxing clean air and water standards, on which millions of jobs in both industry AND health care depend (hey, pediatric oncologists have to eat, too). We talk about a woman's right to choose, but when the rubber meets the road, we're all about limiting choice. Our protests and terroristic threats against Ob-Gyns have made it all but impossible for a woman to decide to carry her fetus to term, and our forcing condoms and sex ed on students in school has created an atmosphere in which teens feel pressured to have sex, even desirous of sex before marriage, a situation that simply didn't exist during, say, the Eisenhower administration. The ruthless pursuit of so-called 'gay equality' has ruined marriage in this country, rendering that sacred institution utterly devoid of meaning, to the point that innocent brides-to-be, like Jennifer Wilbanks, are so frightened they actually flee rather than be in a relationship that is similar to a gay relationship. Even long married folks are now divorcing in order to rid themselves of the taint of gay marriage.Finally, we can't ignore the manner in which Democrats have obstructed and sabotaged the war on terror. Bad enough that all of the hijackers on the airplanes on 9/11 were Democrats, but the manner in which Democrats systematically alienated our allies virtually guaranteed that we would be forced to go it alone in Iraq. Why, if it wasn't for Tom Daschle's comments about 'Old World Chocolate Makers' Western Europe would have gladly held hands with us as we went over the precipice. And let's not forget Hillary Clinton's provocative 'Axis of Evil' speech in which she practically dared North Korea to show us all the nuclear weapons her husband had personally smuggled out of the White House and given to Kim Jong Il.I'm not sure what to do to get the Democrat party back on track, but somehow, we have to restrain ourselves from running for any elected office, holding any press conferences, or being present for any votes whatsoever. Until we can figure out what has made us hate America so, and heal that sickness in the core of our party, we must trust the Republicans to lead the country. After all, the GOP is the LORD'S party."


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