Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day observation

Back from a relaxing trip to the mountains, I am catching up on news. No WiFi in the wilderness, so I'm a couple of days behind.

Seeing as how we are at "war," and the news hasn't been so good lately, I fully expected the headlines to be saturated with Bush praising/gushing/thanking our armed forces.

Well, I was wrong. He's scheduled to lay a wreath at Arlington, but no statement; no speech; no words of comfort to a nation bleeding young men and women everyday in a war we were lied into. Why?

Maybe he thinks it's better not to call attention to it.

Maybe he would feel like a twit, since he cowardly shirked his own obligation to serve our country.

Maybe he has a really important golf game.

Whatever the reason, on this day when we honor those 'who served so we may be "free"' I ask you to look to the silence and ask yourself, WHY?


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