Friday, May 06, 2005

WHY ACT? sure the Waynesville Excommunications scare the shit out of me, BUT I don't want to be a CRANK

Separation of church and state was AMERICA'S GIFT TO THE WORLD. It was our little flourish on the Enlightenment. It was put in there by religious people who wanted to protect their faith; as well as 'Deists' whose religion was best described as "civic in nature," who were deeply suspicious of the mingling of such potent powers and the terror it can bring. I can't believe how this is being turned around with the whole Ten Commandments bruhaha. And, no, you won't find the phrase "separatioon of church and state in the Constitution, it's whole purpose of the whole fucking document. How did these people miss the whole American Revolution and The Founding of Our Country part of history class in grade school? Were they homeschooled by space aliens? This isn't a matter of opinion. It's a fact. Separation of Church and State is a FOUNDING PRINCIPLE in response to the bloody history of feudalism and the Divine Right of Kings. It also happened to be an astute response to growing industrialization where the Feudal model would have proven economically disasterous. Our rise as an economic power was largely owed to the small opening in the class system that this provided.

I'm not over-educated. Most of what I know about American History I recall from public high school. That's why it's easy for me to sit and enjoy the freakishness of this in the spirit of NO-action. Like wow -- check it out: we seeing the dismantling of our country right in FRONT of us. Man, we're in the Velvet Rope Section of History. Pass the chips, this is going to be good!

I don't know about you, but I'm freaking tired of this habit. It's lame.

I want a real connection to the world. Fuck the Velvet Rope Section -- I want to be on stage. Complaining is lame. Doing shit is way more interesting than being a spectator.

Jump into THIS debate. Use some of the numbers posted below. This weekend, sit out on the patio enjoying a beverage and composing just THREE paragraphs on Why Something Must Be Done about this and just email to the newspaper for a letter to the editor; or email your friends; or send it to the targeted people below.

You're not a CRANK for doing this. You're an American. It's not just about voting. It's about living your freedom. Why not give that some meaning? Memorial Day is coming up. What better way to honor our fallen heros than to pick up some damn slack. Pull your load, my friends.

Government is OUR creation. We make it everyday. There are people on the other end of these contacts who do nothing but take your comments. They listen to your thoughts; your approval, as well as your critique. Equally. It's not like arguing with the manager of a bar when they fuck up your check and you have to "make the case" for why you are complaining. I always get a kick out of calling the government. It feels good.

What better way to spend QUALITY TIME with your kids? Take an afternoon and involve them in the process of calling a The Governement. Kids love power.

Put it into your daily "workout." We workout to tone our bodies -- why not tone your connection to the world. Not only is it fun, it gives you a chance to have a random conversation...and shouldn't everyone have at least one of those, everyday? It's good for the soul.



first off, call the toll free number for the Senate at the Senate Office Building
and yes, it is funny that the number works out for that.

then, check out these action items that have been brainstormed on Democratic Underground:

1. Contact the IRS. Let's make a paper trail.
2. Contact the ACLU in North Carolina at this address:
3. Write a letter to the local newspaper.
4. Contact North Carolina Senators Burr and Dole and urge them to denounce this discrimination:

Richard Burr (R-NC)
(202) 224-3154

Elizabeth Dole (R-NC)
(202) 224-6342

5. Contact Minority Leader Harry Reid. He should know about this.

Harry Reid (D - NV)

6. Contact your local media and the national media as well:

7. Contact the East Waynesville Baptist Church itself.
BE POLITE, but tell them how wrong their action is:
175 Woodland Drive
Waynesville, NC

The minister's address/number is being floated around online. PLEASE don't call him up directly at his home.

We can't let outrage fatigue curb our action on this. This is part of a wider pattern of discrimination against liberals and progressives:

Yesterday alone, we saw not only the expulsion of Demcrats from this one church, but also:
• Church and pro-life groups have pressured to deny a Judge communion, reportedly because he allowed a 13 yrd old to have an abortion; and
• Kansas Governor Sebelius was to give a commencement speech, until she was "uninvited" because of pressure from the Archibishop because she's pro-choice.


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