Tuesday, June 28, 2005

lessons from spoiled little boys: how i know what Bush will say tonite

I had a boss once, who needed a spanking real bad. His parents should have taken the initiative there. Somebody dropped the ball. He was a classic spoiled little boy who took responsibility for nothing and spent his life in a panic because he was always late, always empty-handed and always double dealing. He could talk a good game, which is why he had any business at all -- but one got the impression his magical skill was approaching only those he looked down upon and therefore he didn't have to try too hard because the potential client wasn't 'really' worth the effort. He was unable to just take a job, hire vendors, finish the job and move on. Every interaction was marked by lies, hissy fits, and make-goods.

Spoiled little boys grow into spoiled little men who spend way too much time having to explain themselves. When called to task you might hear the faraway voice of the spoiled little boy dramatically proclaiming, 'it's HARD work.' During his Social Security road show, Bush was often quoted as saying, 'this is what leaders do.' Usually followed by the tautological, 'they lead.' Only spoiled little men need to justify themselves. Only liars need to remind themselves of their identity.

So what do I expect to hear tonight?

Whenever things got 'knee-deep in shit' with the spoiled boss, you could bet the client was getting ready to hear all about how some mysterious force was sabotaging the project. The printer was to blame. The bindery was to blame. The ink was to blame. But he was going to 'take of it,' scoring a double victory once the project was FINALLY delivered.

The experienced scapegoater knows it's not enough to just put blame. You have to get the client 'on your side' by demonizing the 'mysterious force' thereby giving the client a place to put their frustration.

So, you want to know why the war isn't won yet? Ask Rove. He floated the new meme last week. 'Liberals saw the savagery of the 9-11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers.'

It's those damn indictment- and therapy-loving liberals!


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