Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Marines KIDNAP 17-year old in botched "recruitment"

story continued at the link above.
(i really hope young people read this entire article and learn to "just say no." -- brook)


For mom Marcia Cobb and her teenage son Axel, the white letters USMC on their caller ID soon spelled, 'Don't answer the phone!'

Marine recruiters began a relentless barrage of calls to Axel as soon as the mellow, compliant Sedro-Woolley High School grad had cut his 17th birthday cake. And soon it was nearly impossible to get the seekers of a few good men off the line.

With early and late calls ringing in their ears, Marcia tried using call blocking. And that's when she learned her first hard lesson. You can't block calls from the government, her server said. So, after pleas to 'Please stop calling' went unanswered, the family's 'do not answer' order ensued.

But warnings and liquid crystal lettering can fade. So, two weeks ago when Marcia was cooking dinner Axel goofed and answered the call. And, faster than you can say 'semper fi,' an odyssey kicked into action that illustrates just how desperate some of the recruiters we've read about really are to fill severely sagging quotas.

Let what we learned serve as a warning to other moms, dads and teens, the Cobbs now say. Even if your kids actually may want to join the military, if they hope to do it on their own terms, after a deep breath and due consideration, repeat these words after them: 'No,' 'Not now' and 'Back off!'"

more at link above...


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if anyone wants to see the original place this came from, go to:

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