Friday, July 15, 2005

Did You Know Wal-Mart Has A 'Patriot-Act' FIle In Its Stores

(here's yet another reason NOT to shop at Wal-Mart. looks like they are keeping files on their arab customers!)

"I work in the accounting office at a Wal-Mart and the other day I stumbled upon some screen on our system that was marked 'Patriot-Act'.

I looked in it and found a list of every transaction made by customers, a majority of whom had arab-sounding names. There were some non-arab names on the list, but most of them appeared to be arab, or at least, foreign.

I wonder if all stores have a patriot-act file, or if that's just something unique to Wal-mart. Anyone hear of anything like this anywhere else?"

(this is from Democratic Underground, but i'd love to know if any JC'ers know of anything like this in their area -- brook)


Anonymous GWisaCrackHead said...

Wal-Mart always kinda bumed me out, even before the so-called "Patroit Act"...what we need to do is get Costco (average floor wage: $16.00 per hour) into Northeast Tennessee.

I am still tripping a little bit from the original post after reading about Costco versus Wal-Mart at (a web site that identifies and corporate executives and business owners by the percentage of campaign donations going to either the Democratic or Republican candidates or party organizations.

Some pinhead named Boortz (as in booring-tz) on one of the local hate-radio stations posted some of thi info to his web site --- the guy hates the Dems for sure:


Now here is an interesting website for you to take a look at.  The title says "Choose the Blue."  By searching the various categories through this website you can discover which political party PACs are supported by various corporations and corporate employees in several fields of business.  The object of the website is to get loyal Democrats to stop spending their money with companies that lend the greater support to the Republican party.

Some examples:

* In the auto insurance category, Progressive Insurance shows a 91% support for Democrats while State Farm shows an 81% level of support for Republicans.

* Virtually all automakers, with the exception of Toyota, leaned heavily to the Republican side.  The donation amounts from Toyota were so small as to be meaningless.

* Ditto for auto dealers.  They leaned heavily Republican. Exceptions include the Don Beyer Automotive Group and the Potamkin Companies which leaned heavily Democrat; 100% for Don Beyer who operates in the DC beltway area.

* Grocery stores?  Costco is 98% on the Democratic side.  Wal-Mart grocery stores and employees donate heavily Republican  Starbucks?  Are you kidding?  Solid Democrat.
* Do you like Brusters ice cream?  100% Democratic.  Blue Bird and Flowers Industries?  100% Republican.  Coca Cola?  66% Republican.  Sara Lee?  Democratic.

* How about some fast food!  Arby's -- 100% Democratic.  Wendy's --- 91% Republican.  McDonalds?  80% Republican.

* Restaurants?  Hard Rock Cafe International donates 100% Democrat.  Waffle House is 99% Republican.  No wonder I love Waffle House!

* Beer!  Drink up.  Anheuser-Bush donates 56% to 44% Republican.

[note: strangely enough, Coors Beer money was instrumental in bankrolling the Heritage Foundation]

* Retail stores?  Barnes & Noble is 98% Democrat.  No wonder I had such a rough times getting "The Terrible Truth About Liberals" stocked at Barnes and Noble.  Home Depot ... 94% Republican.  Bed Bath & Beyond .. 93% Democrat.  Dollar General .. 100% Republican.

* For you fashion conscious folks.  Anne Klein Inc. is 100% Democrat.  Donna Karan is 91% Democrat.  Ralph Lauren .. 100% Democrat.  Tommy Hilfiger ... 91% Democrat.  Fruit of the Loom, 100% Republican.  Guess jeans?  83% Republican.  Those Cintas uniform people?  100% Republican.

* Computers?  Apple Computer, 81% Democrat.  Dell Computers?  77% Republican.  Vision?  Republican.

Thursday, July 21, 2005 10:55:00 PM  
Blogger Brook said...

we have costco here in nashville and i LOVE shopping there b/c people are HAPPY there. i see the same check out people everytime... there's this one older gentleman who always has something flirty to say, which always comes off honorable. i think he's jamaican. he's always like, "how's the beautiful one today?"

same for starbucks -- it's bascially a fast food place and people are ALWAYS HAPPY.

hmmm.... a pattern maybe?

there was a guy on the Majority Report on Air America -- i you don't have XM you can listen to the streams for free -- and he set out to drive across the country buying only Democrat gasoline and shopping at dem stores. his report was it was really easy. Hess is democrat.

Friday, July 22, 2005 10:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey. I think walmrt is putting in fingerprint detectors on the lower side of some shoppingcart handels. When a person pays with a check or plastic, the prints can later be pared with the owner's name/address/buying habits/voting record.

Sunday, July 24, 2005 10:09:00 AM  

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