Monday, July 25, 2005

A Journey Through Military Justice in Iraq

"'Who did you vote for?'

He hesitated. 'For a split second, I realized what a political
prisoner must feel like in a fascist state,' Kar said he thought to


this is what they ask american prisoners in iraq.

Cyrus Kar's zeal for 15 seconds of film cost him 55 days in prison in Iraq. american prisoners such as cyrus kar, 44-year-old documentary film maker, history buff and business teacher. he had been working on a documentary about Cyrus the Great. according to the LA Timess, "the Persian conqueror who freed the Jews from Babylon and wrote the first charters of human rights. Kar had filmed in Iran and Central Asia. Iraq, the site of ancient Babylonia, was to be last. He hoped by then that hostilities would calm."

boy was he wrong. he was caught in the cab with the guy with the washing machine timers. that's got to worth quite a journey thru the iraqi justice machines.

and so he was kept a solitary cell, given the bible and a copy of the geneva conventions. read the rest for yourself, if you like. here's the spoiler:

'After he got back, Kar was shown the statement Defense Department officials issued the day he was released. It said his freedom "highlights the effectiveness of our detainee review process."'


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