Saturday, July 23, 2005

MUST LISTEN: Guns and Butter interview Indira Singh

(ah saturday. john and mark are putting up our new ventahood so we can finally use the grill on the stove. i'm tidying up the office staying out of their way. check the news... hmmm, cheney's threatening iran with NUKES... okay.... more coffee... follow some links... and find this interview with a 9-11 survivor and P-Tech [PROMIS] whistleblower. the woman interviewed gives an account of unravelling the conspiracy behind 9-11... which is basically the looting of the country... more coffee. i need to wake up. this is a nightmare, right? -- brook)

Indira Singh worked on Wall Street from 1975 until June 28th, 2002 when she was summarily terminated due to her investigation into the computer software company, Ptech. In Part One, she described her work as an emergency medical technician at ground zero, and began to describe her professional work for JP Morgan Chase and her first client meeting with software engineer, PTech.


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