Monday, August 08, 2005

CINDY SHEEHAN wants to speak to BUSH but is facing escalating intimidation and violence

If you haven't heard of Cindy Sheehan's protest in Crawford, Texas you need to.

Her son was killed in Iraq a mere five days after arriving to fight in the oil war. Here's her mission in her own words:

Camp Casey
Peaceful Occupation of Crawford, Texas
by Cindy Sheehan
Sun Aug 7th, 2005 at 14:13:38 PDT

Day One

The first day of the beginning of the end of the occupation of Iraq.

Today we went into the belly of the beast in Crawford, Texas...and lived to tell about it.

On Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005, I had a brainstorm. I was so furious about the horrible loss of life, especially from the Marine National Guard unit from Ohio. I was also so heartbroken for the families who have been wrongfully left behind. Then to top off the indignity and profanity of the needless deaths, George Bush spoke out after the deaths and said 2 things that enraged me further:

"The families of the fallen can rest assured that your loved ones died for a noble cause."


"We have to honor the sacrifices of the fallen by completing the mission."

The first statement is so blatantly false that it angered me for a couple of reasons. First of all, what is the noble cause? The cause changes at will when the previous cause has been proven a lie. Secondly, because many people in America, when they hear such drivel, allow themselves to be "assured." A lot of people heard that falsehood and said: "Whew, 14 Marines in one incident, that's bad, but the President said they died for a noble cause. We can get on with our consumering now"

George Bush has spewed the second filth many times and each time it upsets me more. As a mother, why would I want any other mother (American or Iraqi) to go through the same pain as I am suffering through? My son, Casey was an honorable man filled with an integrity rarely seen these days. I am sure that he would be appalled that George uses his death to justify continued killing. I am appalled that George exploits the senseless sacrifice of my family to justify his murderous policies in the Middle East. Also, does it bother anyone else that this man can take a 5 week vacation when our soldiers are suffering, dying and being maimed in Iraq? When innocent Iraqi people are being murdered everyday? When I will never be able to fully enjoy another vacation for the rest of my life?

what you need to know RIGHT NOW is she needs your help!

Intimidation is rising to new levels. Several squad cars along with property owners putting up no trespassing signs in an attempt to clear the roadway.

The suggestion is to contact the local ACLU

and local law enforcement and voice your support:
Larry Lynch, Sheriff (254)757-5000

you can also purchase Cindy Sheehan t-shirts here:


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