Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Day 9 at Camp Casey (Cindy's Blog on Huffington)

(so she's getting shot at now. does anyone think she'd not welcome being shot? i'm such a wuss i would be begging for mercy the first morning without coffee. she's lost her son, her marriage and everything that resembles her life. i lost a dog once. there's something playing out down there in the Texas heat and thunderstorms. just the open space freaks me out. add the local yahoos all beating down with TV crews in a ditch. on a road. and the war goes on in the heat with bullets whizzing by. if i were her i would be praying for the bullet, but i'm a total wuss. doesn't it seem stranger by the day?)

"We had a lovely interfaith prayer service this morning. It was truly beautiful and we were all weeping while we were singing 'Amazing Grace.' But, during the service, one of our neighbors fired off a shot gun. He said he was shooting at birds, but he is tired of us being there and he wants us to leave. I didn't get to talk to him, but I told the media that if he wanted us to leave so badly, why doesn't he tell his other neighbor, George, to talk to me. We are good neighbors and we are cooperating with everyone.

By the way, in case I forgot to blog it last night, the Sheriff has requested that I stay down in Crawford during the night, because he is afraid for my safety after he leaves. He said he would 'sleep better' himself at night if I came into town to sleep. Judging from the shooting guns, I guess he was right.


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