Sunday, August 21, 2005

Frist backs intelligent design and I have to say, I'm behind him on this.

Creationism is dead and it's about damn time.

Everyone's talking about Intelligent Design now and it seems nicer. Intelligent Design sounds like a magazine I would subscribe to. When I think of introducing and idea like, Intelligent Design into a classroom, I'm kinda warm to notion. Why not take a break from straight science and examine a few hitherto unexplained things. Or underexplained things. This might spark interest in science. At least in the part where science is people asking questions. If the universe is under the purview of Intelligent Design, well then, we might just be able to figure it out.

Kids are damn sick and tired of "that just happened."
"That just happened," says the cracker boatman in Vernon, FL.
"Lets take all that you call 'that just happened' and put a name on it."

Lets call it 'intelligent design.'

Not bad. I actually, kinda like it. Given half a chance, it might combine with the our slumbering American Ingenuity, and cultivate flexible as well as muscular minds. Flexible minds, that can tolerate staying open for long periods of time. Why look at this as a loss for Darwin? Think of it as a win for Galeleo. Besides, if evolution were the end of the story, there wouldn't still be monkey's, would there?

I'm all about intelligence creating this.

and manipulating this:

From That Just Happened.

to asking questions about "design," of all things.

good design = good idea = intelligent design.

kids would really take to this.

oooh, they like that, don't they?

things that spin.

billiard balls in motion.


round and round

intelligent design in motion.

it's full of stars.

intelligent design?

intelligent design?

Holy Leap of Language, Batman.


pretty much, people who have been into 'intelligent design'

were right on the money.

things "don't just happen."

there's no stupid questions.

just people who ask them,

and people who don't.

the ability to 'sit with' challenging questions and not react

is a sign of grace of wisdom.

we're just asking:

it's not easy to ask for answers

we're not experts, or the best-dressed, best-looking, best-abled

but dammit, at least we're asking. no one ever told us we couldn't.

well, no one we'd ever pay any attention to.


Blogger Mister said...

Bravo, sir. Well said.

a Brown Bag Blog

Sunday, August 21, 2005 8:53:00 PM  
Blogger Reverend Jason Graves said...

Deut 5:5 pertinent, cos just a few verses before this, it talks about a BURNING BUSH...

Can't wait >:)


Monday, August 29, 2005 4:00:00 PM  

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