Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Implications MIA National Guard: they're in Iraq, NorthCom IS HERE.

(from scarletwoman on DU -- excellent analysis of the breakdown of our National Guard. -- brook)

Earlier today in the break room at work I caught a bit of CNN post-Katrina disaster coverage and there was an interview with the director(?) of FEMA. He was talking about how, under the auspices of Homeland Security, the Northern Command was mobilizing army troops to deal with the disaster relief efforts.

Not a word about the National Guard -- which, in the old days, would have been the ones in the forefront of relief mobilization.

This is what I want folks to ponder. FEMA, already a sinister entity in our pre-9/11 world (look up what sorts of powers Reagan gave the agency in regard to martial law and suspension of local government powers and the Constitution itself -- it's NOT just a nice 'helping hand' agency granting loans to disaster victims, it's MUCH more), has been rolled into the whole 'Homeland Security' apparatus with more powers than ever for government control over the populace.

Add to this the establishment of the Northern Command, the military arm of Homeland Security, specifically designated for domestic deployment, and under Federal/Pentagon command.

Meanwhile, the National Guard, which is normally under the command of state governors is being effectively moved out of the picture by being deployed to fight on foreign soil.

Our National Guards have always been our neighbors, folks with roots in the communities they were supposed to serve. But they've been sent away, and along with that comes the end of state control over any domestic use of the military. Now any domestic use of the military is under the control of the Feds. The soldiers in the streets are NOT your neighbors and community members, they are the professional, permanent military."

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