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Still Hiding the Bush Bulge: paper censors Bush DEBATE CHEATING story

(i saw something this morning about bloggers being invited to Just Us Sunday II at at Oprymills Baptist Church. the thought creeped me out. then there was claptrap about blogging. i'm not really sure what blogging is and for some reason the treatment given to it in the nashville press just rubs me the wrong way. it's so dominated by those anti-tax bruisers. then i found this ariticle on buzzflash. hadn't thought about The Bulge in a while. i thought at first it might have to do with the flight suit. it occurs to me that this is such a classic "blogger" story. like gannon. this was the one that supposed to prove we were all nuts. we. as in bloggers. as if there is some universal character of "us" that makes us less reliable than The News because we chase silly, nonsense stuff. the only thing i can say for certain about blogging is that it is marks on "paper" that people look at and react to. like passing notes in class. we want to pass the note to our friend. the other in the know. the clique. the wisecrackers in the back row. the ones who in some platonic form, in their most genuine essense in the most extreme of circumstances would notice the detail that exposes the conspiracy of flesh-eating zombie teachers. chairs fly out windows. rock and roll. bush cheating during the debates is still relevant because it's one of these details that the kids in the black leather jackets in the back row have been cackling about for a year since the debates. it's still real fucking funny b/c it's a chronic condition. the chimp can't function without his squeezebox. and he's been looking real bad lately. real bad. do they really want bloggers at Just Us Sunday II? or just more whores. i'd much rather be at Camp Casey, the company would be much better.)

by Dave Lindorff
Pasadena residents didn't get to read about the exploits of local celebrity Dr. Robert Nelson, who, besides being a Jet Propulsion Lab photo analyst who helped present those dramatic photos of Saturn's rings and moons, also gave the lie to White House claims that the bulge seen on Bush%u2019s back during the presidential debates was "just a wrinkle."

They didn't get to read Nelson's account of how his photo analysis of Bush's jacket -- a story that would have increased speculation that the president was wearing a hearing device during the debates -- almost made it into the New York Times before being killed by top editor Bill Keller (Extra!, 2/05).

They didnt read all this in their local daily, the Pasadena Star-News, because senior editors at that paper killed the story on Saturday, April 30, right before publication in the Sunday edition-- apparently for political, not journalistic, reasons.

The Star-News is the oldest holding of MediaNews Group, a newspaper and television station chain owned and run by William Dean Singleton, one of the U.S.'s more conservative media moguls. Singleton was singled out by Editor & Publisher (1/26/04) as one of several newspaper chain owners who contributed money to the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign last year. MediaNews Group also owns the Denver Post and the L.A. Daily News.

What role, if any, Singleton and his politics had in the killing of Star-News reporter Gary Scott's story on Nelson and the Bush bulge is unclear. What is known is that the story was filed, edited and set to run, that a photographer had been assigned and had taken pictures of Nelson at home with his photo analysis equipment, and that it was killed at the last minute.

Several sources confirm that the story was axed -- and immediately wiped from the paper's computer system -- on orders of Star-News executive editor Talmadge Campbell, who oversees the operations of the Star-News and two other papers, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune and the Whittier Daily News, from an office in San Gabriel. Sources say that Campbell, a former Texan and outspoken Bush supporter, does not normally get involved in day-to-day decisions like what features run -- or don't run -- in the Pasadena paper.

Star-News editor Larry Wilson described Scott as a "fantastic" reporter. Asked if it was true that Scott's story was killed for political reasons by Campbell, Wilson did not offer a denial, saying only that the Star-News, "like most good newspapers, will not discuss stories that had been in production unless they appear in the paper."

Executive editor Campbell confirmed that he killed Scott's Nelson story, but he declined to give an explanation for what he conceded was a rare interference in the paper's daily operation. "It's entirely an internal matter. In doesn't involve anyone in New York, Mother Jones or you especially," he told Extra!.

Said an obviously frustrated Nelson, "The scientific community last November produced very credible evidence suggesting the president may have been cheating in the debates. Responsible reporters at the New York Times and the Star-News have attempted to report this news to their readers but their efforts were quashed by upper management. The founders of this nation understood the importance of an informed public, but given what has just happened, one is tempted to ask: Does the term 'free press' apply only to those who can afford to own one?"

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