Wednesday, August 31, 2005

strange animal behavior signals catastrophe

Funny how history is recorded in memories.

My grandmother who lived through all the last century's worst hurricanes, used to say crabs and sandpipers and all kinds of beach life would hightail it west from the ocean a few days before the worst storms. She said that people were stupid for not paying attention to good old cracker wisdom on these things. When the animals pack up and go it's something to pay attention to.

I was reminded of this a few weeks ago when stories surfaced about mysterious runs of fish fleeing the Gulf of Mexico along the shoreline of Florida's west coast. It's called Jubilee when fish exhibit this behavior because locals pluck hundreds of delicious fishes from the water like manna from heaven. This last reported Jubilee was associated with an enormous red tide, coincidentally passing Katrina on the way out of the Gulf as she was on her way in.

There seems to be a lot of mass behavior going on with nearly a thousand dead Shiites trampled and jumping to their deaths off the bridge in Bagdad.

At least there's phone service in Iraq, that's how come we have a body count, something we don't have in New Orleans. We have rumors and second- and third-hand accounts. How many in the Superdome? 15,000? 20,000? 60,000? How many dead? How bad is the social situation? anyone who has ever attended a large demonstration knows headcounts always vary wildly depending on who you ask.

When the hurricane was still out in the Gulf, people were anticipating all sorts of authoritarian transgressions as MARTIAL LAW would no doubt be imposed. No one predicted a complete deficit of authority.

While we've been waiting for Bush to finish up his marathon vacation, many wondered what Presidential Daily Briefing would be ignored. What "new products" would be introduced after August. I've read scenarios detailing a false flag operation/cloaked drill in South Carolina involving nuclear weapons brought into the port. While Cheney banged the drum of nuclear confrontation with Iran pending a terrorist attack, our imaginations ran wild trying to find the pattern in the noise. What would it be? How would IT happen? Bush's second term 9-11. What will it be?

As it turns out, it doesn't take a nefarious plan (LIHOP/MIHOP), to create a national emergency. All it takes is NEGLIGENCE.

It was the retreat of beach critters that tipped my grandmother to gathering storms.

It's been the retreat of our president for the rest of us. He didn't have to make this happen on purpose -- all he had to do was continue what he does best, NOTHING. Why am I not surprised he was warned this would happen in 2001?

Where's Bush? Is this the first he's seen of the destruction, I wonder.


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