Friday, September 09, 2005

All Unrescued NOLA Dogs to be Shot

The Pasado's Safe Haven Rescue Team:

UPDATE: 4:03pm PST
Authorities have informed our rescue team that they have three days to rescue all dogs before they start shooting them. They believe that dogs are eating dead bodies to stay alive and need to eliminate them. We are outraged. Animal rescue groups were not allowed into the water until last Tuesday. To give us just another 72 hours to get a job, of biblical proportions done, is ludicrous. We are doing our best to beg for more time. We would ask you to call or write to someone but frankly, the lines of communications are so poor, we have no clue where you can begin. Because our team is on the ground, they have direct contact with law enforcement. If we have to, we'll work 'under the radar' to get the job done.

UPDATE: 1:18pm PST Our team is heading into the hot zone with a team from AZ. They must wear dry suits to be allowed into the toxic waters. They are using a list of abandoned pets that pet owners have supplied to a national database. They are breaking and entering to get the animals out. Many are too weak to bark, or come to a window or door.


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