Thursday, September 01, 2005

a call to those LEFT BEHIND

"Nawlins" was a city of refugees before the storm. "NeoLeans" will be the corporate reproduction. I don't even want to think about it. A postmodern "re-thinking" of the city. Fuck that shit. You guys have to get the hell out and don't look back.

You came from France and Canada and the Bahamas in the first place. You're nature is like moss -- moveable roots. It's in your nature to blow on down the road. I believe it's time to scatter again. That's okay because we could really use some cross-pollenation. We've been dying of mediocrity for too long. We've lost our flavor. That's why we liked to come down there and party. We need you. Not your buildings. You.

You've been LEFT BEHIND.

We've all been LEFT BEHIND.


The "response" to your destruction has been, "call your local Red Cross." I shit you not. The pResident has repeated it on the television. You probably haven't seen it because you haven't had electricity. But that's his answer. Call the Red Cross. Yes, the same Red Cross that couldn't account for all the 9-11 money. Bush is basically saying, it's a local problem. Chertoff isn't acknowledging what is happening.

This is for everyone, actually -- if you live in a place where you might share an attic with a Nutria, or have an Alligator sun on your dock, you are living on the wrong end of history's to-do list. There's no time, and I don't have the energy to explain the money and politics behind the destruction of the federal government and the wetlands and what that means to you, and how it will never be right until we have leadership that puts people before money which we all feel IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN FOR A VERY LONG TIME, so this is only the beginning. You have to realize you've been LEFT BEHIND. It's happened. Now, what are you going to do about it?

Leave. Come to Nashville. We'll teach you how to BBQ. I'm sure we can scrounge up stuff for gumbo. Bring your friends with you, you're going to need them. We did that leaving the mountains and haven't looked back -- myself, husband and some 20 friends. You'll like it here. There's simpatico. Hear what I'm saying -- you can't trust a Texan. That Astrodome will do just fine for a pit stop, but get the hell of Bush country. Get into blue zones. You are just going to be happier and have it easier in blue metros. Follow the food. Memphis. Nashville. The mountains between Tennessee and North Carolina. We have a democrat governor. He's fighting to keep our National Guard. Our healthcare sucks, but with enough help we can fix that.

We are all going to eventually LEFT BEHIND in Bushworld.

We've got a lot of damage to repair.

I remember a few weeks ago discussing how people behave in an emergency. The conservative I was talking to was saying all hell would break lose. I said, "I've been thru hurricanes, my friends have been thru hurricanes -- and that's not the case." People check on each other. They share food and information and wait it out. But that's was whitey white, richy-rich Florida. Louisiana is poorest state in the nation. New Orleans was one of our poorest cities. New Orleans isn't fucked because of the people -- it's fucked because people are DESPERATE. Bushworld needs us to think the people LEFT BEHIND are bad people. They are looters. We are being told to fear you. But we are getting the real story. We are having to work at it, but we know who the real looters are.

Who is the real threat to society?

One of the best things about the coast in general, and Melbourne in particular, is now your BIG FUCKING CLUE to why you need to get the hell out of there. IF you have great blue herons in everyone's backyard GET OUT. Those wetlands belong to the sea and she's taking them back. She's sick of your development, your bulldozers and your ridiculous chain malls. She has no use for Panera Bread and Macaroni Grill. She fucking HATES RON JONS. She's had enough of us.

If we can shoot a bomb down a chimney in Iraq, then why can't we shoot some damn bottled water into the Convention Center? I guess the answer to that is that we are too busy making the rest of the world, uh, safe.

People are walking. Just walking out of New Orleans. They were LEFT BEHIND.

It's all Bushworld now. We're all going to have some extra time on our hands as we lose our jobs as the economic waves crash on our heads. Lets spend it acquainting ourselves with how we got here. Take the time REALLY listen to what's being said. Bush has no intention of cleaning this up. It's in "your" hands now. The government isn't intervening. Telethons? A Bush/Clinton cross-country fundraiser? We are all screwed. Our friends to the south were just the canaries in the coal mine. Our well-being deserves more than the Commerce Clause. We deserve a government that protects us.

LEFT BEHIND isn't a way to run this country.

This is not America.


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