Sunday, September 04, 2005

Democratic Underground - "It looks like there ain't gonna be no Republican Party no more."

(from DU. just about the only good news i've seen in forever. boy, aren't i just a big downer lately. do you know i haven't had cable thru this whole ordeal. i've been readiing and listening to the radio and for once the tv seems cutting edge. maybe i need cable...nah -- brook -- here's this:)

Tonight, I went to a pig pickin'/fundraiser/Labor Day Party in a small very red town in the Piedmont area of NC, above Charlotte.

My husband's 3 piece band was the entertainment. Since the proceeds are going to a women's shelter, they play for free (and these are all pretty nice folks anyway, so it was a lot of fun).

I was talking to the wife of one of the other musicians. They are both really liberal and we spend a lot of time commiserating over *. She was telling me about her life-long Republican Mother-in-law (Miss Jo).

She said Miss Jo got back from church today and told her how everybody was really upset over *'s mishandling of this whole mess. People were disgusted and very angry. Miss Jo said the general consensus is: 'It looks like there ain't gonna be no Republican Party no more.' This is a church full of the Reddest of the Red. Kool-Aide drinkers of many years. 2-time * voters. People who get their news from church and Fox TV and the Republican owned small-town paper.

Yes, there are * defenders, but this is not just affecting *. This has been a crippling blow to the whole Republican party and I get the feeling the 'pubs don't understand that yet.

Welcome these people when you find them. I know it's hard to bite your tongue, but your acceptance will show them there is a better way to believe and behave."

(amen to that. b)


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