Thursday, September 01, 2005

Not Time to Point Fingers???

The HELL it ain't.

Dead bodies floating in NOLA. Thousands stranded without food, water, medicine.Thousands more dying.Armed gunmen controling the city.Not time to Point Fingers? Bullshit.

I work in a hospital in Fort Worth. We are beginning to get Louisiana patients now. They are frightened. One patient was in the hospital in NOLA and his wife was evacuating. The phone line went dead and he hasn't heard from her since. My staff are calling family members to let them know they are here.Not time to Point Fingers??? I am so angry right now. Where was the pre planning for this catastrophe we KNEW was coming? Where was the pre positioning of supplies, medicines, food, water, equipment, manpower that we knew we would need. Not time to point fingers. Yes it is. And time to scream loud and long about the appalling lack of leadership, compassion and help for our fellow Americans."


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