Saturday, September 03, 2005

Something that happened this a.m. at Walmart

(a great story from DU -- brook)

Not having bought diapers in a loooong time, my husband and I were in the baby aisle deciding how many boxes of what size to get---our Salvation Army wants only hygiene items and baby formula and diapers at the moment so we were bringing a load over---anyway... a lady in the aisle said 'grandchildren?' (we aren't quite THAT old! but...)

My husband,ever the proselytizing liberal said: No Salvation Army for New Orleans. She said: "Oh welfare will take care of them like always." And she walked off with her two whiney dressed-to-the-nines kids. We are so drained that we just looked at each other and kept on with our diaper expedition---I guess we could have chased her down but frankly, I no longer have the energy to fight on every front.

The upshot was wonderful: the other end of the aisle (behind us) had two couples who had hear the whole thing and suddenly they started loading their carts and asking where the drop off was and one of the men went to the far end of the aisle and yelled 'everyone, the Salvation Army needs diapers' Our man who announced it? Looked like an 18 year old 'punk' complete with tatoos, low hanging pants and an even younger woman with him with a baby---they marry young here out in Bush* country! More heart than the bitch with the two picture-perfect kids, eh?

When we left, a bunch of people were adding big packs of diapers and cases of formula to their carts---and, by the way, none looked as 'prosperous' as our bitchy character who started this or even us for that matter but everyone added at least one pack of diapers or a few cans of formula to what they were getting themselves.

Sometimes good things do happen. I was beginning to forget that this week. Now, off to help sort donations for Houston and San Antonio for the county Democrats! (all five of 'em as my husband likes to say---we are nearer to Midland than Dallas....)

have a good day."


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