Saturday, September 03, 2005

sucks to be poor and black in the u.s.

here's a link with an arricle from 2001, outlining possibilities which have now, horribly become reality.

Anyone who doesn't think this disaster's horrible aftermath has anything to do with race,
is either completly blind to the situation, or a racist. This country is racist! Not just the current administration, but past administrations. How can there possibly be any speculation to this fact? The class system in this country rivals that of pre-revolution France.
The first administration gave small pox infested blankets to the Native Americans(and of course owned slaves). The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would not have happened to a predominately caucasian nation. The horrors of Vietnam commited to Vietnamese civilians would not have occured in an Eastern European nation. Genocide occures daily in Africa, but we don't rush to their aid- is their execution less horrific than that of the citizens of Bosnia? Are the lives of the patients of Charity Hospital(public hospital servicing the poor) in New Orleans less precious than the lives of the patients of Tulane Univercity Hospital (a private hospital servicing those more financially fortunate)-and if not, why was Tulane completely evacuated while over 200 patients awaited evacuation in the horror of Charity Hospital?

and on NPR this morning, there was a report stating Bush is considering enlisting former NYC
mayor,Rudy Giuliani to help in New Orleans-Giuliani just happened to be the mayor during
the Sept. 11th tragedy, with the country and the whole world behind him. He did what any mayor would do, and apparently being on the scene soon after a disaster, magically erases all the bad stuff you do during your term as mayor. The residents of NY, and strangers from
all over the world, poured out help and kindness and sympathy, and rebuilt our city despite
the fact that the federal money appropriated by the government still hasn't fully made it
here.(Wymoning gets more homeland security funds than our neighbor New Jersey, apparently to protect all the vulnerable ports of Wymoning)-no compliants from Giuliani, or anyone currently in power in NY.
Being a resident of New york, and have been for the last 10 years, I can only express my own
disbelief at the very thought of Giuliani getting more national attention- Giulliani was
a horrible fascist- remember all those fliers bands put up on telephone poles and the like
advertising their shows? Imagine now the police tearing down every flier they find, going to
the club, and issuing a $50 dollar fine to the band for each flier they collected (part of Giuliani's 'quality of life' campaign). Imagine having your building declared unsafe while you're at work, and coming home to find bulldozers tearing down your apartment building, with all your belongings, including your pets still inside so a large developer can build a high rise (this is what you get for being a poor artist in the EastVillage). Imagine having the art at the local museum being censored because the powers that be consider it offensive. Now imagine this man as the next president.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

however, it is no "day at the county club" being poor and white...

it just sucks to be poor (and working poor) within the United States

Saturday, September 03, 2005 10:44:00 AM  
Blogger Brook said...

true that -- been there -- but this storm and the media response and the gov response is clearly rascist and imo meant to foment a race war. i'll be posting on this later, but i think it's very important right now that we literally and figuratively take the high ground. the action slated for DC on the 24th must be peaceful, otherwise... they will have the excuse they want to do whatever...

Saturday, September 03, 2005 10:48:00 AM  

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