Thursday, September 01, 2005

Where is the Fresh WATER YOU BASTARD? You are NOT HUMAN.

(and if for some perverse reason, you thought things might be getting better...)

Bush you son of a bitch, you black hating, gay bashing, poor-killing/torturing, gas gouging, dickless capitalist bastard!

HOW DARE YOU KILL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS?!! How DARE you turn Human Beings into ANIMALS?!! How DARE you even show your face on Television - get the FUCK OFF the Airwaves and let REAL MEN do their JOBS, REAL HEROES who understand the meaning of HUMANITY.

How DARE you make excuses and half heartedly stand in a ROSE GARDEN making "manly, macho" tough guy faces spewing platitudes and cliches, while REAL Humans, BABIES, OLD, SICK PEOPLE DIE like FLIES without even delivering WATER to them?

Qit pretending like you are a MAN and even remotely competent, Quit SPINNING and LYING and taking NO Responsibility for YOUR Actions and NON ACTIONS.

You and your cohort Republican subHumans are the most retarded, evil cheap pieces of shit excuses for Homo Selectus that ever existed!

Any person with half a brain knows that our very civilization is held together by the rule of 12 meals. Civilization is 12 Meals THICK.

You DO know that, and THIS is intentional, and YOU are the culprit since YOU claim to be in CHARGE. You are MURDERING these people. ALL OF THEM.

I PRAY that Some day you will stand before GOD, a ruthless god as you've chosen and HE will let you feel ALL THE PAIN, Suffering, starvation, thirst that you have caused to hundreds of thousands of people that YOU personally are responsible for MURDERING.

Let's see how HO-HUM you act as you stand naked before the All Powerful God, when all that SUFFERING you've caused comes rushing into your eyes, rakes your skin, swells your brain and tongue, when you bleed at every pore, shitting yourself as you realise that you're being handed over to the Devil, who will laugh in your face and guarantee you FEEL ALL the suffering you've caused with NO REDEMPTION, Ceaseless and for all eternity..

You will NOT be forgiven for this and the whole world will turn their backs on you in your lifetime, you will be considered a persona non grata and banished from the Human Race.

God has turned his face from you, so riddled with sin that you are an abomination, not worthy of sharing the Universe with so much as a snake or a cockroach who are far and away above YOU SPIRITUALLY.

Don't you DARE come to New Orleans and stand on the backs of the Dead and shout your heroism to the stars, you are not invited and should be arrested on SIGHT and forced to bury all the dead for the rest of your days, naked, with a spoon for a shovel.

YOu don't even have enough of a functional reasoning capacity or simple capability as the alleged most powerful man on EARTH - to MAKE SURE that these poor bastards get WATER - the STAFF OF LIFE, LIFE, something so foreign to you.

Your ego keeps you from accepting HELP from other countries, who aren't interested in helping YOU, THEY are coming to help HUMAN BEINGS!

Jesus himself said, "However you treat the lowest among you is how you treat me." YOU have starved, beaten, tortured, and insulted JESUS HIMSELF with your inability to ADMIT that YOU ARE INCOMPETENT, that YOU have surrounded yourself with EVIL impersonations of MEN and bent to their WILL, not that of God or even of your OWN WILL, as you HAVE NO WILL, you are nothing, a nobody, less than a tick.

You have nothing but a punctured, stale, sick, putrid, rotten little black heart for an ego and we hope that the poor and the ghosts of the dead follow you around for the rest of your life screaming their pain and anguish so loud that you can't even hear yourself think, that every nerve you have is raw.

That the pain from their pure hearts passes over you in WAVES, like the waters in New Orleans - strangles your will to live, to eat, to make love, to hold someone dearly, until your will is broken beyond all repair and you lay yourself down and beg for God to forgive you until your lips crack, and your throat gurgles - only to hear your begging echo in the darkness as God moves away from you, leaving you to the Evil One who you have served so well all of your life.

You are CURSED. You are Banished from the Land of Man. Leave our White House and give yourself up, turn yourself in to the Hague and be tried for your crimes against all humanity.

Never let your shadow darken the doorways of a single decent human being again. Rot in the dark and pray for your soul and the souls of the poor suckers robbed of their very future by YOU or the Devil will shove hot coals up your ass til the end of time.

If you aren't cursed yet, then you will be, you allowed a city that believes in Voo Doo to DIE Horribly, the same people that make Zombies of common men are now spirits intent on owning your spirit and your soul. But then again, you are already a Zombie, and apparently have no SOUL.

DEMAND that the makers of bottled water deliver more fresh water than is washing through the leevees to the nearest Air Force Bases - FLY over New Orleans and DROP endless bottles on that city, BOMB them with FOOD, MREs, Fresh clothing sealed in waterproof bags.

Send C5A Galaxies filled with troops to that beseiged city, make runways with local bulldozers and flood the city with troops carrying weapons, water, food and baby formula.

THEN ADMIT YOUR FAULT and RESIGN, Take Cheney and the rest of the cheap thugs you call friends with you and let someone like Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter lead our country back from the disgrace you've inudated us with for years since you stole our country.

Make HISTORY and LEAVE. QUIT. STOP pretending to be President. You'll never be, and never were.

This is OUR COUNTRY. THese are OUR Brothers and Sisters. You are no longer welcome to the private, priviledged club called the Brotherhood of Man.

Those that have left the earthly bonds know what you have coming to you - psychic, karmic pain of such proportions that you will realise that you are surrounded by energy, not coal nor gas nor nukular, but the same energy that causes the wind to caress a cheek, or a seed to grow, can bring a man to his knees and make him beg himself to let himself LIVE - energy that is spiritual and not sold by the gallon, but EARNED by grace.

Do something NOW. Go. Leave. Shut up. Go to hell. We don't want you anymore. At ALL.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hysterical, she beleives in the Devil! Just like John Ashcroft. A little red man with a pitchfork that pokes bad people in the buttocks...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 9:16:00 PM  

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