Wednesday, October 26, 2005

battle of the undergrounds

I'd like to welcome the trolls from "Conservative Underground" who followed me home from Democratic Underground yesterday. Apparently there's a turf battle going on between the Undergrounds. It's the staff of life for CU while maybe 2 percent of the folks on DU are even aware it exists. Reading their posts they seem pretty harmless. Here's the story:

The other morning I found this Johnson City Forum comment responding to an old blog post in my email:
As if the hurricane was Bush's fault. You're obviously not educated. Bush is not responsible for the local response, he is responsible for the NATIONAL response. It is impossible to cooridinate a National Search and Rescue to a 30 mile radius in less than several days. You should be harping on the mayor and governor who were obviously under-prepared. You should do some research and understand how local, state and federal govt works before you blame Bush. OH, and I guess Bush blew up the levy to. HAHA MORONS!
Basic month-old Rush Limbaugh boilerplate yipyap. They almost got thru the whole bit without a single misspelling, if it weren't for that darned "levee" at the end before "HAHA MORONS!"

Thinking it was at least an artifact worth sharing, I started a thread at DU.

A few minutes later, JCF gets this comment:
Looks like a little somebody needed some help from the dingbats over at DU (insert hysterical laughter) to help them with their reply!!! Bwhahahahahah!!!
Here it is cut and pasted as the poor pathetic loony lib wrote it:
and then this:
I loved how Brook ran to DU to try and formulate a response to your initial comment. Just goes to show that any moron can create a blog. How about thinking for yourself sometime instead of being a sheep for the clinically misinformed.
How pathetic. This idiot couldnt come up with his own response, so he goes back to DU to have the rest of his heard speak for him... You are so fucking stupid.
then there's:
Hahahaha.... any credibility Brook had she lost when she asked the lunatics at DemocraticUnderground for help responding to a "freeper". It's all about taking digs at President Bush and people of faith with the hateful people on that site. There's more to life than politics. Brook has my pity, and I will pray for her.
So, asking questions is an act of weakness. Decisive action would have looked like slinging poo. And I'm so stupid I have to have "my heard speak for me."

Bush is your man. No doubt about that.

To summarize, internet stalkers have to JCF to claim moral authority and tell people here, on our site, that we need to "go to church":

As far as saying that Elizabeth might have a point if Bush said she needed to attend church - well, that's not an order, nor a law, and truth to tell, I'm inclined to say she does need to attend church. Is that forcing her to attend church? Is that forcing religion on her? Can't she hear a little advice without making a "federal case" out of it?
Might I suggest you read some Freud. I bet you'd like to "force" our little Lisa into your "church," you wicked minx.

Seriously, what are you getting from the social exchange, Suse? Why spend the time? Are you blowing off steam? Is it a kind of political voyerism? What are you wearing?

You have to admit, it's kinda, well -- transgressive.

Here's my bottom line, if you want to rule the world you at least need to show some manners. You do "your team" no favors by picking fights. You do humanity no favors by assuming we are opposite camps, fighting imaginary battles. We're all going down with the ship so we might as well settle in. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a cry for help to me... I can see (in the near future) that this site will be made more "exclusive" because the moderators want to read posts like it's some kind of DU mirror site.
Stealth and deception is the new tactic for Democrats victory in this latest election season. Don't believe me? Look at the billboards and posters with the faces of those seeking election. Those with no party affiliation advertised are more than likely Democrats. However, Republicans always present themselves as Republicans. Just an interesting observation.

Friday, October 28, 2005 7:42:00 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

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Monday, October 31, 2005 9:59:00 AM  

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