Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Democratic Underground - Libby and Rove are JUST THE WARM UP! Fitz is going for the BIG FISH!

Anyone who thinks there will be no indictments is not listening to what's being reported.We now know from several reporting agencies / papers / journals / media that Rove and Libby WILL BE INDICTED (merry Fitzmas). And we know they are being indicted for perjury, obstruction and Libby is being indicted for unlawful disclosure of a CIA agent's ID.

We also know that the Grand Jury Investigation is being extended.

We know that the FBI is helping by VALIDATING that there were no other sources of leaks (questioning neighbors, friends, relatives). It was reported that so far, the FBI has not found any other potential sources of identity leaks.

We know that Fitzgerald has looked into the Niger documents.

We also know from former CIA and intelligence members that Fitzgerald is taking this investigation BEYOND THE LEAK. That only says one thing to me: DSM and the lies that TOOK US TO WAR. Plamegate is inherently 'connected at the roots' with the DSM and the illegality of the IRAQ WAR. Senator Kerry spoke out today that this is the case: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WERE LIED TO IN ORDER TO TAKE US TO WAR WITH IRAQ.

Fitzgerald is likely investigating this, as this is the most HEINOUS of crimes that was EXPOSED by Plamegate.

I now believe that Fitzgerald is going after Bush, Cheney and the entire WHIG. The Bush Administration WILL END IN DISGRACE. Those guilty WILL BE PROSECUTED. JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED.

Fitzmas, like the holiday it was derived from, symbolizes a new hope: the hope that America is waking up from its slumber to set things right."

(thanks, berni!)


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