Wednesday, October 26, 2005

for Strode -- on those washed-up johnson city bands

about a hundred comments back, an east tennessee bro asked, "what happened to talking about washed-up johnson city bands," i'm paraphrasing.

I'm sure you're not interested in life for JC washed-up bands' everyday life. Or are you? It's been twenty years since the Nightmares toured and Sinky released Def and Dum. It might be interesting to know that life now for "washed-up JC bands" is babies and barbeques; home ownership and Home Depot; everyone seems better looking, healthier, smarter, funnier, better writers, wildly better-off financially and predictably, no one can find time to do music. Drew's been some real cool stuff with a Bonnie Raitt-type ensemble, Suzette and the Neon Angels.

Now I have something to write about. John and Brian caught Apartment 9 when they in Nashville at Douglas Corner. Phil Leonard, Roger Rasnake, Randy Hixon and Gene Younce have a fine ensemble. I couldn't go due to feeling crappy, but judging from John's hangover the next day, they had quite the boys' nite out. The next night John played their CD that was recorded at the Down Home. Damn good stuff.

Scott Pleasant is has written a brilliant CD that Drew and John have been working on. They even brought in some sidemen. So professional those boys. I wish they'd finish it. Maybe Scott will let me sneak a track out. I'll email him.


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