Thursday, October 06, 2005

OPT-OUT of military recruiting for your kids? well, NO YEARBOOK, NO SPORTS, NO HONOR ROLL for you!

(another day another outrage. this one from Florida. -- brook)

Opting to keep your child's personal information away from military recruiters now shuts them out of any recognition.

Buried within the federal No Child Left Behind Act is a provision that requires school districts to give personal information about students to military recruiters. Parents can choose to keep that information private but some local groups say school districts make that too difficult.

Duval County (Jacksonville, Florida) parents who want to keep their children from military recruiters face an all-or-nothing decision. They can either approve the release of personal information to recruiters or give up all public recognition including being pictured in the yearbook and listed in sports programs and the honor roll.

"If I want to opt out of the military, I have to opt my child out of existence," said Bill Armstrong of Wage Peace, a group that challenged the policy. "That's not really in the spirit of compliance when there's that kind of negative result just trying to exercise their privacy rights."
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