Wednesday, November 23, 2005

if you're planning on being at walmart the day after thanksgiving...

(from the inbox: while i'm completely sympathetic to the cause, i'm a walmart conscientious objector. the day after thanksgiving? there's not enough xanax on the planet. but i thought i'd pass it along just in case you're there at 5a.m. for your $25 Garth Brooks limited edition box set.

i need more peace in my peace movement. here's a yule-themed direct action to more suited to my disposition these days: a woman in chicago, Sally Gratch (great name) leaves little plastic soldiers in public places with the message "BRING ME HOME" affixed on the bottom by homemade sticker. isn't that wonderful? i'm going to make up a batch myself and use them in the advent calendar -- brook... )

here's the political action. enjoy and report back if you go.)

Your Organizer, Mark Naccarato, sent the following message to
the members of Democracy For America Nashville:


Last weekend, over 140 people came out to see the new
documentary film, "Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Price". It
was an eye-opening, educational experience that many of us will
not soon forget.

But now, it is time to take ACTION and let average folks know
about Wal-Mart's shameful business practices.

Join us THIS FRIDAY morning at a rally at the Wal-Mart stores
across Nashville as we educate shoppers on the busiest retail
day of the year.

For more details on the "Black Friday" rally being organized by
Nashville ACORN, click here:

In order to keep the momentum up and force the world's biggest
retailer to be a more responsible company, we need your voice
to be heard. Please join us:

We hope to see you on Friday morning!



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