Saturday, November 05, 2005

Kerry SMEARS Mark Crispin Miller -- my response

Thursday I participated in an on-line discussion with author Mark Crispin Miller. Democratic Underground invited him for a thread so he could plug his book, Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election and Why They'll Steal the Next One Too, and take questions.

Soon after Miller's chat he ran into the subject of his book -- John Kerry, who says to Miller -- man-to-man -- that he believed he was robbed, but Democratic Leadership (Christopher Dodd) was blocking. This gets reported on RAWSTORY and DU.

THEN, Kerry's press secretary issues a statement categorically denying any interest in election fraud, impuging Miller's honesty and basically saying, "Kerry's a wholly-owned DLC WEASEL -- and he's not allowed to talk to you guys anymore." I'm paraphrasing.

This reminded me of a months-old John Dean Plamegate column where he quotes Wag The Dog author Larry Beinhart:
'...Fog facts' are information that is known but not known: "In the information age there is so much information that sorting and focus and giving the appropriate weight to anything has become incredibly difficult."
The DLC is hoping all this election fraud business would just get lost in the fog the same way Bush and Cheney thought those little 16 words would just get lost in the fog. This was talked about one year ago on DU. Kerry campaign insiders (or people who claimed that status) were whispering about how some in the Democratic party were "in on" the whole election fraud business and they didn't want, and wouldn't let any of this come to light.

We are living in a fog and to be honest I don't give a shit about Kerry -- I just want my identity back. I want an honest vote because we deserve an accurate picture of WHO WE ARE. That's what elections do, remember? The fraudelent election was explained by the appearance of a mysterious new MORAL agenda. Remember that? Isn't that RICH considering Bush ordered his entire staff to mandatory ETHICS WORKSHOPS. That's a riot. I thought that's why they went to church.

It's all fucking lies and I'm fed up. Kerry can go fuck himself. He doesn't deserve the hard work and dedication of people like Mark Cripin Miller and the folks who are tirelessly working to reform the system. Which apparently doesn't include me since I'm home writing this today (and doing numerous household chores that can't be ignored any longer) instead of attending an election fraud workshop at Vanderbilt that I was personally asked to attend. I'M SORRY EVERYONE, BUT I'M A LITTLE PISSED TODAY AND BELIEVE WHEN I SAY YOU ARE BETTER OFF I'M NOT THERE.

For the record, my question to Mark Cripin Miller was:
can you please speak to the importance of EXIT POLLS in our case for ELECTION FRAUD. what's the appropriate weight to give exit poll discrepancies in the on-going debate?
and (follow-up)
Do you have a response to EXIT POLL DISCREPANCY deniers; those who claim we either don't have all the information yet, or that we don't understand the numbers.

He responds:
The exit poll/"official" count discrepancies are certainly significant

although the issue is extremely complicated. Let me recommend the writings of Steve Freeman at the University of Pennsylvania. He has a book, co-written with Joel Bleifuss, coming out from Seven Stories in a month or so. A must-read. Steve is expert on the subject of those polls. He's debated Warren Mitofsky, who came off the worse for it.
Later he runs into Kerry at a fundraiser:
So I spoke briefly with him just as he arrived, and handed him the book, saying, "You were robbed, Senator." He said, "I know!" with a clear gesture of extreme frustration, and then said that he can't get any of his colleagues on the Hill to face the issue. Said that he had lately had an argument about it with Chris Dodd, who didn't want to hear about it. Kerry tried to tell him about all the problems with the electronic touch-screen machines, but Dodd refused to listen, saying that he had looked into it, and that "there's nothing there." (In bringing the subject up with Dodd, Kerry was not influenced by the GAO report, which he didn't even know about until I mentioned it to him. Indeed, he seemed mightily impressed that the GAO had come out with a strong report.)

Kerry's "official" statement:
"I know Mr. Miller is trying to sell his book and he feels passionately about his thesis but his recent statements about his conversation with Senator Kerry are simply not true," spokesperson Jenny Backus said. "The only thing true about his recollection of the conversation is that he gave Senator Kerry a copy of his book."
Not surprisingly, this has sparked an outrage among people working for election reform -- myself included. But you know, it is what it is.

And sadly, it's why I'm actually glad Kerry's not in office. If he doesn't have the LEADERSHIP SKILLS to stand up for himself -- if he'd stoop so low as to smear those investigating HIS STOLEN ELECTION -- then we're better off without him. I'd rather be right where we are -- muddling thru the days until Section 793 of the Espionage Act are household words.

As Bill Clinton said last weekend in Texas:

'If you don't want to fight for the future and you can't figure out how to beat these people then find something else to do."

Fuck you very much Kerry.


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for some reason the link to the old DU thread talking about DEM complicity in election rigging doesn't working straight from the blog. go to DU and paste the URL from there and it should work.

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