Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Hello all. Plez here. As has been said, the stinkyfinger show was very cool. As always. AC/DC is the world's greatest band, and some would say KISS is the greatest show, but those of us who love stinky know that Ugly and company put on the greatest show ever.

Old 80's story, and not necessarily the best one I remember, but certainly one of my favorites:

At one of the Nightmares shows at O'Malley's in Bristol, which was always an odd place for all of our Johnson City black-clothes army members to show up, the Nightmares played a show that was just weird because there was the O'Malley's crowd, whoever they were, but the sure weren't "us," and then there we all were walking in to the place and just getting the greatest stares from the members. I remember Brian called me out of the crowd and said Plez was gonna play one with the band. Only, we hadn't exactly worked anything up. I sometimes would get up and do "Newport Baby" or later, another one called "Two Different Ways" with the Nightmares, but at that point, we really hadn't come up with anything to do together. So we just played "Louie Louie," which is impossible to play wrong and impossible to sing wrong. I don't remember how it went over with the crowd. Before the show, I'm not gonna mention who, but somebody offered to drive us from a little party in J.C. to O'Malley's. Only this person was, it turned out, quite un-sober at the time. We took an offramp from 181 and missed it, heading straight for a drainage ditch and a big concrete slab that woulda killed us if we were lucky. But Donnie Poole, himself not exactly 100% but still better than the driver, grabbed the wheel and pulled us back on to the offramp. That was only the closest encounter with death I remember at the moment. There were others. That night, we lived to see O'Malley's. Those gigs, to my memory, were even weirder than the ones at Cowboys or whatever that place was called before it became the gay bar that I believe it still is today. That's all for now.


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