Saturday, December 14, 2002

Wow, so many ‘new’ people! Groovy! Bobby Swanay!-- Alive and well -- Drew and I both have wondered many times “What’s going on in Bobby’s life?” Actually, we say that about most of the people on this blog- but Bobby’s name took me by surprise most recently! I hope I get to see everyone in just a few short weeks. The closest thing to a class reunion I’ll EVER be a part of!

Just in case it’s not been mentioned recently- The Pleztones are opening for the Nightmares- I think both nights. I was trying to remember if Kurt usually played with the Pleztones or just certain songs? Was it mainly Scott, Drew & James? I could ask Drew but it only comes to mind when he’s not around.

This is a story that came to mind the other day- and it has nothing to do with the music scene. It’s a story about being young: There was very large party going at our(me, Ann, Brook) apartment on Poplar Street. This must have been 1986? It was late & Brook and I had ingested way too much of everything. We were blabbing about how we were going to drive to Fla and see the ocean. Bruce said “Yeah right, there’s no way” So Brook and I got in her car and headed east. We drove in parts of NC, SC, and GA that night (and not in appropriate order) Early in the trip we hit the world’s biggest opossum- it must have weighed 80 lbs! At some point we decided not to go to Florida so we headed north. After some sleep at a rest area (and removing bits of opossum hide from the car grill) we woke to the sights and sounds of Bike Week. Peeking out the window to see what the racket was and seeing a happy couple on their coffin shaped 3 wheeled bike- we decided to head MORE north. We ended up in Lumberton, NC and decided it had to be the anus of the earth. We called Mike & Lynne’s to let people know we were alive and everyone was over at their house watching Blue Velvet, which takes place in Lumberton. Everybody agreed that it did seem like it could be the anus of the earth and with that Brook and I figured that our mission was complete and we headed home. We swam in the ocean at some point and ate at a Pizza Hut (?) I think that was the only time I’ve ever been in a Pizza Hut w/ Brook. That’s all.


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